Hello everybody. For developers, marketing is a necessary evil, something we don’t understand, and we dislike. It is of course a reality, that marketing in one form or another is almost mandatory is you want to be successful.

As developers we some times think, we just need to make a good app, and everybody will find it… but in the back of your head you know it doesn’t work that way. In our case we rely mostly on recurring business from our customers, but it would be nice to have a monster hit on the App Store 😊

So, it’s time to try this out.

Over the next weeks we will spend time to increase our visibility on the internet. More precisely, we will add some Facebook pages, we will add a YouTube channel for some apps, we will blog more actively and we will use Apple’s Search Ads to see what the effect is on app sales.

We will share our experience on this blog page and any changes we make, hoping it will be of interest for somebody.

Ok, let’s do this!

calndars 1.3

logoCalndars is an app to convert dates between different available calendars on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It’s straightforward, fast and easy to use.

The app has the same code-base for iOS – iPadOS and MacOS. It’s translated in over 30 languages, so we hope you’ll find the language of your choice.

Updated website

Hello everybody. We have updated our website this weekend. We use some other tools to easily update the website. This will allow us to focus on the things that are important – writing better and better software apps.

We hope you like the website. Simple but effective.

genea 1.5 for MacOS

We are very happy to introduce genea for MacOS. Thanks Apple’s Mac Catalyst project, we can build a Mac version of out iPadOS version of genea. There a few little changes specifically made for MacOS, but all in all the iPad and Mac versions are the same.


Next to MacOS, version 1.5 also includes iCloud Sync. In the Settings, you can now enable iCloud Sync, to synchronise your Notes between all your devices using iCloud.

We will release v1.5 for iPhone and iPad shortly, so you can take advantage of this nice feature.

We hope you like the new features in release 1.5.

genea 1.2 – better and more

genea v1_2Here we go again. genea 1.2 was released a few days ago, and it’s getting better and better all the time.

We added several improvements and refinements to the app.
Some users are not so used to swiping a table item to delete an item from a list. Therefore we added a delete-button for all items that can be deleted.
iPad users can edit and rename notebooks directly from the master view. You don’t need to go to the settings to manage your notebooks.

Notes can be duplicated, and all attached events are duplicated as well, including all linked people. This can be very useful for events that have several events linked to different people, like a census or a marriage. Some bugs are fixed, some icons are refined and some items are now made more consistent all over the app.

Events offers extra warnings. If something isn’t as expected, we show a warning. Typical warnings are: there is no owner of the event, there is more than one owner, father, mother…
This should help you to generate a better gedcom file.

All these items help us to prepare for the next version of genea, which will also be released on MacOS. Yes. You’ll have genea on MacOS, iPadOS and iOS.

genea 1.1 – better gedcom and more

Hello. We released genea 1.1 yesterday. In this release we completely rewrote the gedcom creation. There were some inconsistenties and missing items in the previous gedcom creation which we fixed with this version. This was a lot of work, but we think this version creates a much better gedcom file. We tested it extensively with MacFamilyTree and Family Tree Maker.

RevertToOriginalAs a new feature, we added “revert to original image”. Imagine you cropped an image, but it was cropped incorrectly? With “revert to original”, you can revert the edited image to the originally imported image. The revert button will only be visible for an edited image.

We hope you like the new release. As always, we are here to listen to your remarks and requests.

Tip – add events description to a note

To easily find information, it can be helpful to add a description of the events in the notes text itself. The easiest way to do this, is to use the text that is created by genea by using “Share note”.

You tap on the Action buttons, tap Share note, and tap Copy to copy the text generated by genea. Afterwards you Paste the text in the note.

tip - copy share note