IOS 11

I especially bought an iPad because of iOS 11. My first iPad was the iPad2, which I did not use much. I wanted to use it for drawing, and surfing the internet, but drawing proved to be difficult with the delays, and surfing the internet was not fast enough, so I quickly returned to my iPhone and iMac. The iPad gathered dust and was not really used.

In essence, I didn’t see any use to have anything besides an iPhone and an iMac.

We are years later, and with the arrival of newer iPads, but mostly with iOS 11, this changed. Drawing with Apple Pencil is very nice, and I do use it. But drawing outside in the sun… is not as good as the real stuff with pen and paper. I use the pencil more for note taking with the Nebo app than for drawing.

The performance of the iPad is impressive. The network speed and storage is more than enough to do serious stuff.

The question is, will you use it as a serious device or only as a device for the family and kids to Google and play with…

The usability of iPad dramatically improved with iOS 11. Multitasking, powerful drag & drop and the new and better integrated file-system with extensions into Dropbox, Box etc… turn it into a serious device.

More than a faster CPU or a better or bigger screen, the usability comes from the software.

As an app developer, this means you need to implement these features as fast and as good as possible. Sometimes this is not possible, but in a lot of cases it is simple to do.

You always start with the use-case. How does the user work, what is the workflow, is drag & drop a powerful new feature or not useful in that context. Simply implementing a share function or drag & drop in every screen is not a good approach. If you have a button on your screen, it needs to be useful. If most user will never use it, remove it to reduce clutter.

So we’ll further update our apps, and will introduce some in the near future, taking in account the specific user needs on iPhone or iPad.


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