Tyna – xliff editor

logo_128Tyna is a xliff-editor for translators and Apple developers (Xcode users).

When you make a multi language app, the different languages can be exported language by language in a xliff-file. Tyna allows you to open and edit the file to add the translations for that language.

Are there no tools to do this? Sure. Why did we need to write this tool? The short answer is consistency of the translations over the files and speed.
If you have an app that uses a piece of text several times in the app, because you have the same text on several screens, or you have the same features in the today or share extension or on the Apple Watch extension, you’d like to be sure, you use the same translation in all places. If you simply edit the xliff- file you’ll have to edit the same text in several places all over the file. This is very bad. With Tyna, we alphabetically order all texts no matter where the text comes from or is used. This way you see all the “same” text together, and on top of that, you can edit all the “same” text in one-click. Done. This saves us several hours on every project. Well worth the 2 days it took to make this app.
Have fun!